Famous Sai Baba Temples In Tamilnadu

10 Famous Sai Baba Temples In Tamilnadu (With Photos & Map)

In 1858, the small town of Shirdi had a new visitor. Wearing an ivory-colored Kafni, his only possession was a beggars bowl. Fast forward 60 years later & this simple visitor became known to India as the miraculous Saint Sai Baba. With thousands of miracles to his credit & worshippers all across the globe, if you want to visit the biggest Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu, you’re in the right place. Read on for a neat, brief look at all the top-rated famous Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu today!

Perfect for travel bugs, all of these temples are easy to get to, with excellent transport facilities available around the clock. Besides, if you plan good, you cabn also find easy lodgings, at excellent prices as well.

in other words; there is no better place to visit, unwind & ignite your spirit this summer than these temples, alone or as a family.

Situated in all Major cities, visiting these top Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu can not only help you bring peace to your mind but can also aid in immersing yourself to his many, many, teachings & ideas.

Read on…

Famous Sai Baba Temples In Tamilnadu

Believed to have been a reincarnation of Lord Shiva, Sai Baba, however, lived his life beyond religions& practices, being revered by both Hindu’s & Muslims. His teachings are focussing on self-realization, helping others, moral code of love, forgiveness, inner peace, charity, contentment, and the devotion to guru and god.

Of course, the biggest temple for his excellence is in Shirdi, Maharashtra. But being so far away, not everybody can make the trips, especially for older, weaker devotees. For them, these famous Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu are the next best option – bringing a bit of Shirdi and his blessings to our great state too.

Making things easier for you, here’s a quick, brief look at the 10 top Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu to visit today.

Biggest Sai Baba Temples In Tamilnadu

As ardent Sai Baba bakhts ourselves, we know you can’t wait anymore,

So, here we go;

1) Shree Sai Baba Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

Built-in memory of his holiness, this amazingly vibrant temple located in Bheema street, Royapettah high road, has long attracted Sai devotees from around the world with its peaceful, serene surroundings and special poojas. Perfect for meditating, the temple is clean, well spacious and is open to all casts & creeds. In fact, they often conduct “annadanam” too for the betterment of lesser fortunate individuals. Finally, please do note that the temple may be a bit too crowded on the weekends. In fact, the temple is notorious for the insane crowd of worshippers it attracts every year, numbering in millions.

With a white marble baba statue radiating his love and blessings, the biggest benefit of the temple is that it still houses a part of the flame (Jyoti) from the Shirdi temple that was lit by the great Saint himself

2) South Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Akkaraipatti, Trichy

Excellent architecture, spacious interiors, calm and serene vibes – there’s a lot to love about the South Shirdi Sai Baba temple. Located near poosari kottam, Trichy, the temple features a garlanded Baba statue that’s truly brimming with power – you can feel it! Opening at 6 AM and 4 PM for Pujas, regular bhajans & prayers are conducted weekly. And of course, it’s open completely for all casts, creeds & religions. Adding to its vibrant quality, the biggest celebrations they conduct include Vijaya Dasami, Guru Poornima, and Sree Ramanavami and many more, among others – all with much pompous!

Offering vast parking facilities, the south Shirdi Sai Baba temple is always adorned well with fresh flowers and decors, with prayers filling the air at all times – perfect for a peaceful weekend gateway for all Sai devotees!

3) Sri Naga Sai Temple, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore

Sai Naga Temple, Sai Baba Colony,Coimbatore

Neatly tucked away from all the hustle & bustle of the city, the Sri Naga Sai temple in Coimbatore was consecrated over 80 years ago, spread over 1 acre with lush, green covers and peaceful grounds. Opening at 6 am, the well-adorned baba statue, with his iconic crown & golden throne, is a sight to behold. And keeping up with his teachings, the temple is open for all religions, castes, and creeds as well. Considered by many to be the most Famous Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu, the biggest highlight offered here has to be the special blessings, which is given out using a Cane that had been owned by baba himself.

Known for its special Sai bhajans held across all Sundays & Thursdays, the temple’s biggest highlight, of course, has to be its hosting of a “holy stick,” which is believed to have been used by baba himself back in Shirdi.

4) AnandaSai Temple, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

AnandaSai Temple, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Known for its calming atmosphere &ever-bustling throng of ardent devotees, the Sree AnandaSai temple in Peelamedu, Coimbatore may look a bit small. However, with forever chants & special pujas its one of the best Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu right now – thanks to the harmonious vibe it offers. As far as baba’s darshan itself, his stunning white marble statue comes always adorned with huge garlands and is prayerfully accompanied by a forever burning “Dhuni” Holy fire beside it.

Impeccably clean, the temple opens every day at 6 AM, with special poojas & bhajans held every single week. Overall: if you are a Sai devotee and want a nice, calming day praying to his holiness, the AnandaSai Temple is the way to go.

5) Ohm ShriSai Baba Temple, Salem

Worshipping Sai Baba, hanuman & Allah in equal measure, the Ohm ShriSai Baba temple situated in Salem town is all about religious harmony, with devotees from every casts & creed thronging its halls every day. Well maintained, the temple regularly hosts many bhajans and special prayers. In fact. They are pretty well regarded amongst the locals for their many grand celebrations across the year for events like New Year’s, Guru Poornima, Vijayadasami, Ramanavami, etc…

Always sporting either an ivory or green colored Kafta’s. The marble statues of baba’s are stunning, to say the least. And of course, the same goes for the interiors of the temple too, with most having a soothing touch. Simply put, if you’re looking for the most famous Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu, Ohm ShriSai Baba, Salem is the best way to go.

6) Sai Baba Temple, Karur

Opening at 6 AM with evening Pujas held at 4;30PM onwards, the famous Sai Baba temple located in Karur is quite popular for its huge annadanams, and other social betterment drives it often conducts. Vast, calm, and soothing, the prayer hall, which is always brimming with worshippers, houses the gorgeous marble darshan of baba. Its always well adorned. And after the evening Poojas, the head priests further offers special blessings from Sai Baba, which promises cures for all ailments & worries.

With regularly conducted bhajans in his holy name, you can find a Dhuni (holy fire), Dwarakamayi & a prayer hall all within the building itself, making it one of the biggest Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu today.

7) Sai Baba Temple, Kanyakumari

Located on the scenic, beach driven outskirts of Kanyakumari, this particular Sai Baba temple is mighty popular with the foreigners & devotees alike – and why wouldn’t it be? A true architectural wonder itself, the temple comes with a lush, green garden. It features a stunning statue of baba made out of white marble – with a legend saying baba himself will appear in the dreams of those who visit it. Typically, the temple opens its doors at around 6 AM, and again at 4 for the evening poojas.

With ample parking space and enough toilet facilities, it’s one of the best, most famous Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu for a family visit. Pair that with the beach nearby, and it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

8) Tirupur Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Tirupur

Full of positivity, prayer, and love, the Tirupur Shirdi Sai Baba temple – true to its name – is known for offering a “Darshan” that’s as good as the one in Shirdi itself. With a gorgeous marble Baba statue, minimal decors, and a holy vibe overall, this little temple opens its doors for devotees at 6 in the morning with Arathi at 8 in the evening. That said, they have special pujas and bhajans every Thursdays. Plus, you can also find large celebrations on Ramanavami, Poornima, dasami, etc…

Sure, it’s a bit on the tinier side, and yes, it will mostly be crowded always. However, with holy prayer and chants always filling the air within, the overall spiritual tension that you’ll experience in this temple is unlike anything out there, making it easily one of the best Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu to visit this season.

9) Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Madurai

Worshipping Sai Baba in his Naga Sai Avatar, the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Madurai is very unique in the sense that its one of the oldest SaiShrines in the country, having got consecrated in 1942 itself. Boasting a holy atmosphere, the temple, is handled by worshippers themselves. It is quite spacious & is well known for its large celebrations, especially for events like Rama Navami, Guru Poornima, Maha Samadhi, etc… besides these, pujas & special bhajans too are conducted often.

Opening at 6 am with evening Arathi at 8, the temple is also is a popular tourist spot, getting footfall of around 25000 visitors every day, and the number goes up to 55000 on weekends and 1+ lakh on special occasions.

10) Sai Baba Temple, Salem

A beautiful temple brimming with divine power, the Sai Baba Temple in Salem mainly celebrates three major festivals: Sree RamaNavami, Guru Poornima day, and Vijayadashami day, among few others. Another highlight, a sacred dish called “Udi” is what that is offered as “Prasadam” in this temple, and it is widely believed that it has divine healing powers capable of curing even terminal illnesses. Coming to the facilities of these Famous Sai Baba Temples In Tamilnadu, there is ample parking and shades for relaxing. And the same also goes for the toilet facilities too.

Located near Suramangalam, Salem, reaching this temple is fairly easy, with regular state transport buses available all day long. And lastly, in true Sai Baba style, the donations are further geared towards public welfare.

Famous Sai Baba Temples Tamilnadu – Frequently Asked Questions

With a vast majority of Tamilians being devotees of Sai Baba, it only makes sense that there’ll be a lot of Sai temples in our state. In fact, you yourself may be now planning to visit one of them rather soon enough.

But before you do, have a look at this quick FAQ session so that you can learn more about these top temples before your next visit;

1) What is the best Sai Baba temple in Tamilnadu?

Of course, for a true devotee, all Sai temples may be equal. But hey, when it comes to sheer experience and love for Baba, there is a certain Sai temple in Tamilnadu that stands out: the famous “Akkaraipatti Sai temple in Trichi – or otherwise known amongst devotees as the “Shirdi of South India.

Sprawling over 35000 sq.ft, this enormous temple was consecrated recently in the presence of a lot of spiritual leaders and devotees. The temple also houses plenty of shrines for other deities like Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva, etc.

2) Is there an ideal time to visit these Sai temples?

If you want to take part in celebrations, plan your trips on Sai occasions like Guru Navami, new year, Vijayadasami, Guru Poornima, Rama Navami, etc.

Other than that, there is no right or wrong time to visit these temples. Every day is a wonderful chance to revel in the joy of SaiBaba. That said, Thursdays are a great time to plan a visit these temples as there’ll be special pujas.

3) What are Sai Baba’s favorite offerings?

From spinach, Halwa, Khichdi, Coconut to flowers and fruits, its common knowledge that offering Sai Baba things like these, especially on Thursdays, can help purge the devotee of all his sins & evildoings, earning him blessings.

Remember: one should not only offer Shirdi Baba this food but also consume it yourself to seek Sai Baba’s blessings.

4) Do I need to take any special fasting or procedure before visiting these temples?

It depends, while Baba himself doesn’t advise any such restrictions. The common courtesy tells that you should maintain a strict vegetarian, lighter diet – at least for a day – before visiting his holy temples.

As for fasting, you can take it up (if you wish) as a part of the wish-fulfilling “Nava Guruvar Vrat” offering for Baba.

5) How about transport facilities? Is it easy to reach them?

Being situated in busy cities, all of these famous Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu are rather easy to get to as there are ample bus and train services available to them. Fairly priced, the state transport ensures easy to travel wherever you are in the state.

Besides, the district governments also usually offer additional transport services on special Sai Baba occasions for hassle-free darshans.


Situated in all Major cities, visiting these top Sai Baba temples in TamilNadu can not only help you bring peace to your mind but can also aid in immersing yourself to his many, many teachings & ideas.

Note:  The best Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu listed above are from the online references. It is damn sure that we might have missed out some other Sai Baba temples that are popular in its own way and location. We are happy to know about it and represent it to our audiences. So, please let us know, if anything you wish to bring out. And, the map addresses & photos are taken from the internet.  

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