Famous Sai Baba Temples In India

10 Famous Sai Baba Temples In India (With Photos & Map)

Sree Sai Baba – for many, he was a man of miracles. While for others, he was a great guru, a philosopher, a Saint, orator, and dare I say, even the “god” himself. With millions of followers around the world, Sai Baba was a legend. He has dedicated his life for the betterment of others, irrespective of castes or creeds. As a pure devotee, we reckon you’re looking for the best, Famous Sai baba Temples In India to visit this season, right? Well, look no further. Read on for a brief look at all the Biggest Sai Baba Temples In India, today!

Defeating religious orthodoxy to its core, these temples can be visited by any, be it from any religion, caste or creed. And making things easier, they also offers excellent facilities like transport and lodgings, with food, etc…

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Famous Sai Baba Temples In India – Why Visit Them?

A legend unlike any, Baba may have left the mortal world on October 15, 1918. However, that doesn’t mean he is not with us anymore. Even from the other world, his powers can bring peace and harmony to our lives – miraculous, isn’t it? Well, that’s Baba for you! By visiting the Best Sai Baba Temples In India, we can earn his blessings directly, pray to him from the bottom of our hearts and ask him to change our lives for the better.

So what are you waiting for?

Here they are;

Biggest Sai Baba Temples In India

After all, Baba himself has Said that “he who steps on the soil of Shirdi, he who comes to my Samadhi, all his pain & sorrow will forever be ceased”.

To help you earn his powerful blessing, here’s a quick, brief look at the 10 top Sai Baba temples in Tamilnadu to visit today.

10) AnandaSai Temple, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

AnandaSai Temple, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

In Malayalam, “Anandam” means happiness – and guess what? That’s exactly what you are going to be feeling after a visit to the AnandaSai temple in Peelamedu! Away from the city lights and Extravaganzas, SaiBaba gives darshan here as a gorgeous marble sculpture, adorned with, big flower garlands and a forever burning “Dhuni” holy fire beside him. The temple itself is quite small when compared with other Biggest Sai Baba Temples In India. But thanks to the vibrant, divine atmosphere and great facilities, the temple does offer a pleasant experience, much like even the kind of one offered at Shirdi itself.

With regular prayers and Bajans and special pujas every Thursday, the temple opens at 8 AM every day morning and again at 4 in the evening. Overall, if you’re looking for one of the best Famous Sai Baba Temples In India, AnanadaSai is the way to go!

9) Sri Sai Baba Mandhir, Karnataka

Built like a palace, the Sri Sai BabaMandhir in Bengaluru, Karnataka, is easily one of the Biggest Sai Baba Temples In India right now with a campus spread over 5+ acres.

Calm, serene and well maintained, Baba gives darshan in this temple as a magnificent marble idol, that’s decorated with freshly picked flowers and Kaftas. In fact, they even have a small, green garden & a water fountain within the temple itself, adding to the charm. Opening at 6 AM for all, there’re special pujas& Bajans on Thursdays, along with annadhanam. There is also a mini hall that’s now open for devotees to conduct their own events, like birthdays, Vidhyarambs, etc..

Opulent and vibrant, the biggest highlight of this amazing temple, of course, is the brilliant additional temples inside for Lord Siva, Ganapathi and Kartikeya – all within walkable distance inside the premise itself!

8) SaiBaba Temple, Haryana

Opening at 6 AM and with evening Arthi held at 7 PM onwards, this famous Sai Baba temple in India located in Faridabad, Haryana is quite popular across the world for its vibrant depiction of his holiness in a king-like avatar, sitting atop a silver throne and all. The temple itself is a bit on the big side with spacious interiors and wide prayer halls. That Said, this Sai Baba temple, unlike their counterparts, rarely get crowded – perfect for meditation. On Thursdays, there are special poojas, Bajans and prayers. And adding to its vibrancy, the major events they celebrate include, Ramanavami, Guru Poornima, Dasami, etc…

Life is getting you down? And you want a best, Top Sai Baba Temples In India to vent your frustrations & get Sai blessings? We don’t reckon you’ll find a better place than the SaiBaba Temple, Haryana to go.

7) Dhakshina Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Andra Pradesh

Surrounded by lush, scenic greenery and offering a calming atmosphere, the much-revered Dakshina Sai temple inKothapeta, Andhra Pradesh is well known for its great architecture & vibrant celebrations. But hey, that’s not all! Brimming with power, the Saffron adorned marble Baba idol in this temple looks majestic, divine and resplendent. In fact, the whole temple is a visual treat, especially at night when the lights come on. Special poojas & Bajans are conducted every Thursday. And coming to the highlights, the major celebrations include the new year, Guru Poornima, RamaNavami, Vijaya Dasami, etc.

Situated far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, the temple itself is pretty remote, which only adds to its charm. That Said, the temple can be a bit crowded on the weekdays. Therefore, its often advisable to get an early bus, always.

6) Sai Baba Temple, Delhi

Located in Lodhi, near central Delhi, this famed Sai Baba temple is quite famous for its large, majestic grandeur and stunning Baba idol, which is well adorned with a huge throne and a golden, embellished crown. Peaceful, calm and serene, the temple – true Sai fashion – is open to all religions, castes, and creeds. In fact, the trust that handles the temples activities also operates many libraries, hospitals, and Dharamshala’s to better help the people in need using the fund generated from donations & devotee support. Amongst the oldest shrines in the city, many many locals and foreigners across the city come to the shrine, especially on Thursdays to offer their prayers, prasadams and flowers.

With ample transport facilities around the clock, the temple is well air-conditioned and comes with a ton of facilities like shades, toilets, and resting areas – perfect for making your weekend trips to the temple a happy affair.

5) Sai BabaMandir, West Bengal

Attracting devotees from all over the globe, the revered Sai BabaMandir in Kolkatta, was consecrated in 1913, making it one of the first temples ever to be opened in north India in his divine honor and blessing. Sure, it’s not as huge nor opulent as some of the other Famous Sai Baba Temples In India out there. That said, as far as sheer tranquillity and calming vibes go, this temple’s temper is second to none. Opening every morning at 8 the temple conducts regular pujas every day and special Bajans on weekends.

Unique to the temple, there is a special rose flower “abishekam” to honour baba every day. You can buy and donate flowers for the same in you wish, as flower shops are present in the compound itself.

Generally, the best time to visit the temple is around the three major occasions: Guru Navami, Poornima & Vijaya Dasami. In fact, the temple is well known, especially amongst the bakhts for their huge events & processions.

4) Sri Naga Sai Temple, SaiBaba Colony, Coimbatore

Sai Naga Temple, Sai Baba Colony,Coimbatore

Depicting Baba in his famed “Naga Sai” avatar, the Sri Naga Sai Temple, SaiBaba Colony, Coimbatore is pretty well known for its lush, green covers and calming grounds. Opening at 6 AM, the well-adorned Baba statue, with his now-iconic crown & golden throne, is genuinely is wondrous & holy sight to behold. And of course, in tune with his teachings, the temple is open for all castes, creeds, and religions as well. Special blessings are given out every day with a holy cane that’s believed to have been used by baba himself back in Shirdi. And wait, did we also mention that this stunning temple was founded over 80 years ago? Yeah, that’s right – making it one of the oldest, most famous Sai Baba Temples In India currently today.

A brilliant place to vent the week’s tensions and & your peace, the biggest, unique perk of this temple, of course, is the Golden chariot with a golden idol of Baba that they take out for processions on very special days – it’s breathtaking!

3) South Shirdi SaiBaba Temple, Akkaraipatti, Trichy

Large, vibrant yet calm and serene – these are some of the major things that come to mind when talking about the South Shirdi SaiBaba Temple, Akkaraipatti, Trichy. Easily one of the top,Biggest Sai Baba Temples In India, this temple hosts a grandSaiBaba statue that is oozing with power & blessings – you can even feel it! Opening at 6 AM and again at 4 PM for pujas, the temple’s halls are always filled with chants, Bajans& prayers. Located close to poosari kottam, the temple is well known amongst the locals for its huge events and big processions, namely on a day like Vijaya Dasami, Guru Poornima, Ramanavami, etc…Coincidently, these are also the best time to visit this temple as you can feel the baba vibe better

Sprawled across 35000 Sq. Ft, the temples architecture is sheer breathtaking, with frescos chronicling Babas life & teachings adorning the walls. In fact, it’s a top tourist spot as well – yup, no wonder why its called as the “Shirdi of South India.”

2) Shree Sai Baba Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

Located in Mylapore, central Chennai, this world-famous temple was built in 1952 by Narasimhaswami – a famed, ardent devotee of Sai Baba. Since its consecration, the temple has seen a massive influx of visitors (second only to Shirdi) thanks to its peaceful, serene surroundings and many special poojas. In fact, this temple is perfect for meditating, as the halls are often restricted for sounds and other distractions. It is open for all irrespective of castes, creeds & races.

The biggest highlight of this temple, of course, is the fact that it hosts a part of the flame (Jyoti) from the Shirdi temple that was lit by Baba himself.

Apart from that, the temple is well known for its many Pujas and vibrant, huge processions, especially on holy days like Guru Navami, Guru Poornima, etc… lastly, they also often conducts large annadhanam” for the less fortunate.

1) Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi

To your excitement, Finally here is the top famous Sai Baba temples in India. Now located in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, this world-renowned temple was built on the Samadhi of Shri SaiBaba in 1992. honoring his life & teachings. Handled by a trust, the temple is vibrant, peaceful, and harmonious and is always filled with Bajans & chants. In fact, you can find special pujas nearly every day, with large celebrations held especially for events like RamaNavami, GuruPoornima, Vijaya Dasami, and New Year functions and other holy days.

In fact, this temple also delivers many, many welfare facilities for the poor, including annadanam, local lodgings, care for the elderly, etc… as managed by the governing Sri Sai baba Sansthan trust.

Always filled with his ardent devotees, the temples get visited by over 60000 people every day, with the count going up to 1 lakh on most weekends and 3+ lakhs on special days and puja, Bajan occasions.

Famous Sai Baba Temples In India – Frequently Asked Questions

With thousands of Sai Baba temples in India offering sanctuary, love, and blessings for his millions of ardent devotees, you don’t have to travel much if you want to ask Baba for his top blessings & care personally.

Below, find a quick FAQ session where we address some of your most burning questions about these Sai temples in India;

1) What is the most famous Sai Baba temple in India?

Of course, it’s the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Maharashtra. As the place where Baba lived and attained his Samadhi, this temple is one of the biggest Sai temples in the world. Every year, millions of worshippers flock to this temple in search of Baba’s blessings and his love, with the crowd going high gear on days like Guru Navami, Poornima, etc.

Baba himself has said; “touch the soil of Shirdi and I will take care of you” – yup, it just goes to show how great this temple is.

2) What are the best days to visit these temples?

Honestly, there is no right or wrong time to visit these temples, as every day is a wonderful opportunity to revel in the Aura of Baba. That said, Thursdays are a great time to visit these temples as there will special poojas on that day.

If you want to take part in celebrations, plan your trips on Sai occasions like Guru Navami, new year, Vijayadasami, Guru Poornima, Rama Navami, etc.

Yes, it’s your choice!

3) Can I visit these temples with family?

Yes, of course! In fact, this is highly recommended as your family too can enjoy & earn the top love of Baba first hand. It’s a great opportunity for you to introduce your kids to the abundant wonderfulness of Baba as well.

Most of the famous Sai Baba temples in India are often located in picturesque parts of the country, making them great for vocational visits.

4) Okay, I am a Muslim – can I still visit famous Sai Baba temples in India?

Yes, absolutely! Baba has always blessed his devotees equally no matter their caste, creed or religion – his temples are always open for everybody. In fact, the famous Shirdi Sai temple itself is a “mosque” at heart!

Remember: we’re all humans at the end of the day. God doesn’t discriminate, neither death. So why should a temple be any different?

5) Can I find lodgings near these temples?

Again, these Sai temples are often located in tourist spots or smack dab in the middle of big cities. So yeah, we don’t reckon you’ll have any issues with finding proper lodging for a couple of days whenever you visit them.

To be safe, make sure to pre-book rooms at the earliest, as hotels near Sai temples can get crowded on special Sai occasions.


Based on some of the biggest cities in India, visiting these Top Sai Baba Temples In India can be a pretty easy affair, as most come with brilliant transport facilities &lodgings. In fact, you can also find many tour packages for the same.

Note:  The best Sai Baba temples in India listed above are from the online references. It is damn sure that we might have missed out some other Sai Baba temples that are popular in its own way and location. We are happy to know about it and represent it to our audiences. So, please let us know, if anything you wish to bring out. And, the map addresses & photos are taken from the internet.  

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