How to Draw Shirdi Sai Baba Step By Step

How To Draw Shirdi Sai Baba Step By Step – A Breathtaking Pencil Sketch & Video

Want to know how to draw Shirdi Sai Baba step by step? Well, congratulations! As a Baba devotee, there is nothing better to feel closer to Baba than sketching his divine persona. In fact, many worshippers often draw sketches of Baba and are used to present them in Baba temples, seeking his amazing blessings. Keeping that in mind, learn more about how to draw a wonderfully gorgeous Sai Baba sketch today.

Dedicated to all Baba bakhts, drawing a great sketch of Baba is not really easy. But with concentration, care, and of course, an unwavering trust in Baba, you can definitely draw a nice Sai Baba sketch in just a few minutes.

So what are we waiting for? Come, let’s answer your “how to draw Sai Baba sketch” query with our amazing sketching guide.

Let’s go!

How To Draw Shirdi Sai Baba Step By step – The Benefits Are Aplenty!

In today’s article, the top method we have chosen to draw Sai Baba is through pencil sketching – and there’s a good reason for it.

By drawing by hand, you’ll feel closer to Baba, more invested in his divinity. In fact, you can even feel his presence in every pen-stroke you make. Just with a pencil alone, your arts can come outstandingly alive. Besides, pencil sketching also allows room for mistakes – just grab an eraser, wipe away & begin a new.

Like I Said earlier, these artworks can also work as offerings to Baba, especially as a means to show how devoted you are to his holiness

So what are you waiting for? Go and learn how to draw Shirdi Sai Baba step by step today!

How To Draw Shirdi Sai Baba Step By Step – What It All Means Then?

In other words, pencil sketching Sai Baba can not only help you better announce your top love for his holiness earn his blessing, but can also help you learn about the life, how its forgiving, and of course, how lucky we’re to be alive today.

With that Said, here is a quick yet comprehensive guide on how to draw Shirdi Sai Baba step by step so that you, too, can revel in his blessings!

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How To Draw Sai Baba – The Ultimate Baba Sketch Drawing Guide You Need!

Known by many to be a fakir, a Saint, healer, sadhguru, orator, monk & even a philosopher, Sai Baba had an extraordinary life. In fact, even beyond the grave, he is believed to be protecting his worshippers all day long.

How To Draw Sai Baba Picture – The Essential Tools Required

To help draw such a divine figure, there are certainly some preparations that need to be taken, especially regarding the tools for it:

1) A sharp pencil

It doesn’t matter what brand it is, of course. But a pencil with a higher carbon content will be preferred more as they can deliver nicer, sharper lines and are super stronger too, reducing the need for frequent sharpening.

Also, make sure the pencil is also good for shading, especially if you want to learn how to draw Shirdi Sai Baba step by step in a realistic way.

2) A clear paper/chart

Depending on the kind of pencil sketching you’re planning to make, be sure to try & get an appropriate quality stationary paper surface to draw your art on. The better the quality, the longer it can last. So pick wisely.

The color, texture, and size of the paper sheet is your choice, of course. But in our opinion, it’s advisable to spring for a smoother, whiter surface as we feel them relate better to the spirit of Baba than anything else.

That’s it!

How To Draw Sai Baba Drawing – Where To Work?

A calm, peaceful place to work

This one’s a no-brainer. Being such a project that calls for divine help & love, make sure the atmosphere is calm & peaceful enough before starting your work on the Sai Baba sketching art, as it can offer a better result overall.

Pick a place that has plenty of bright light, is well aerated, cozy, and, if possible, brimming with the power of Baba, a la his temples.

That’s it.

How To Draw Sai Baba Sketch – Do I need skills?

Drawing is a skill – no doubt about it. But since we’re talking about how to draw Sai Baba easy step by step, I believe that Baba’s blessing alone is more than enough to help you sketch his divine picture/portrait sans much hassle.

Don’t forget: the art doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as you pour your heart and soul into it, the quality will be fine – no matter the case.

How To Draw Sai Baba Face Step By Step – We Will Help You Do It!

Ask any good artist & he or she will tell you that the face is the hardest part of every artwork to get right, especially in portraits. With Baba’s artwork, you’d want to capture all his Tejas & confidence that his divine face offers.

As you can see from the how to draw Sai Baba video above, drawing Baba’s face is quite easy once you get the basics perfect. Focus on the eyes. That’s where the magic happens. Also, take extra efforts to capture his famous smile fully.

Just follow the how-to-draw Sai Baba diagram carefully & you’ll definitely get Baba’s Baba’s face right in your pencil sketching artwork.

How To Draw Sai Baba With Pencil – The Conclusion

Well, that’s a wrap! By now, the chances are that you have fully learned how to draw Shirdi Sai Baba step by step without fail. But before you are going to dish out amazing artworks of Sai Baba, here’re some things to consider.

Often considered equal to a god, when drawing Shirdi Sai Baba, do enforce utmost devotion & care in every single stroke you make. If you can, chant “Jai Sai Ram” when you draw, as this can effectively enhance the quality of the art itself as well the Baba blessings you can earn from it – after all, that’s what the goal is, right?!

Drawing is not easy – I know. But keep practicing, and you’ll improve soon enough. Baba is with you all day long, and he will help you

Jai Sai Ram!

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