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10+ Rare Sai Baba Original Photos & Shirdi Saibaba Real Image Pictures

From a simple beggar in Shirdi to the biggest, most respected Saint, orator, sadhguru, and philosopher the world has ever known, Sree Sai Baba is considered by many to be the reincarnation of Lord Siva & Dattatreya. So, For his worshippers, there’s nothing more joyous than being able to enjoy his holy Darshan. Well, we got great news for you! Prepared in honor of his holiness, we have compiled some of the best Sai Baba Original Photos you have ever seen, including Sai Baba Real Photos to help you find peace.

As an ardent Sai, devotee, we know you can’t wait anymore to get sai baba blessings: come, together lets all feast our eyes on some of the Sai Baba Original Images, ever! After all, a look at his divine face alone can bring harmony to our life, right?

Well, don’t wait anymore! Here are some of the best, most divine Sai Baba Original Photos and images of his life you need to see, today!

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Sai Baba Original Photos – They Are Wonderful!

Having lived in the 18th century when cameras were still a new concept, its very, very rare to find his pictures today, let alone Sai Baba’s original photo color. Thankfully, we didn’t let that stop us, for we’ve collected & shared here the Shirdi Sai Baba original photo ranges – all authentic, ultra-sharp, and downloadable.

Meant for the true worshippers, we have today offer you a chance to enjoy Sai Baba Original Photos and get blessed by his Darshan – all from the comfort of your home. So, what are you waiting for here?

Let get started!

Sai Baba Original Images – Get Blessed!

Having attained heaven on October 15, 1918, baba had lived for the betterment of others, irrespective of caste or creeds. And to that end, he traveled all over the world, healing lives, saving others, making miracles happen, etc… along the way, many of his followers took plenty of Shirdi Sai Baba original photos – like the ones you’ll see below:

In these Sai Baba Original Photos, you can see his holiness in his prime, as he worked tirelessly to bring peace & harmony to the world. In fact, even after his death, he is Said to still continue his work for others, as he himself had Said

“He who steps on the soil of Shirdi, he who comes to my Samadhi, all his pain & sorrow will forever be ceased.”

So you see: baba is still around us. In every breath you take & every molecule, you can feel his presence and power. If you want to pray to him, look at any one of these Shirdi Sai Baba old original photos & let your heart speak.

Believe in him, and peace will find you.

Just pray.

Sai Baba Original Pictures – The Master Of Love

More than his youth, Sai Baba was Said to be more divine during his last years. In fact, many worshippers say that he even looks like a “God” than just a mortal. We agree. And of course, to help prove the same, look below for an original photo of ShirdiSai Baba 1916. As you can see, his mortality did start creeping up a bit these days. But be it his persona, his face, or the sheer divinity he exuded, well, that literally transcended the world.

Well, we have shown you here the finest Shirdi Sai Baba original photos ever taken. So we recommend seeing it for yourself:

The power of baba knew no bounds. It was everlasting, transcending, legendary& he was committed to doing as good as he can while he was here, which he did: blessing and praying for his every devotee in his every breath.

Here, see it for yourself how committed he was to serve his devotees with this original photo of Shirdi Sai Baba today:

We know: you can feel his divine power from these Sai Baba Original Photoswe’ve quite conveniently gathered here for you. In fact, that was exactly our goal here at Sai ram – to help put his Darshan in every devotee’s hands

And to that end, we believe we have succeeded

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Sai Baba Real Photos – Beyond Religions

One of the greatest things about Sai Baba was the fact that he never associated himself with any single religion; instead, he preached for the sheer betterment of all, be it Hinduism. Muslim or Christianity. In fact, baba himself made it a mission to bring together the best of every religion and worked hard to infuse them into his teachings.

Sai Baba’s teachings where not was bound by any one religion or beliefs., centered oneself-realization, helping others, love, forgiveness, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to guru & God. Instead, it worked overcomes their limitations, bridging the gap between them, our lives and brought us closer to the truth of God.

Even when he was alive, baba had many shrines in his name all over the world, courtesy of his ardent devotee& followers. And of course, though rarely, he had visited some of them & graced the temples with his presence. In fact, you can now find plenty of amazing Shirdi Sai Baba original temple photos here itself:

Open to all caste, creeds, and religions, Baba temples are known for their vibrant, calming atmospheres. With Sai chants & blessing echoing in every hall, you can now get “darshan” wherever you are in the world.

Based in major cities all over the globe, nearly every Sai temples offer amazing facilities and transportation services. In fact, most of them are even tourist hotspots, attracting millions from all over the world.

Yes, if you’re looking for the perfect weekend gateway to fill your life with peace, harmony & blessings.

These temples are the ideal way to go.

Original Photo Of ShirdiSai Baba– A Temple For The King

As the first place baba gave his blessings, The Maharashtrian town of Shirdi has always had a special place in his devotee minds. In fact, baba himself had Said on many occasions “a single step on the soil of Shirdi can grant you moksha”. Every year millions of his many followers flock to this gorgeous town, seeking baba’s blessing.

And hey, at the center of it all lies the famed Dwarakamai Sai temple – baba’s most famous, respected temple in India.

Brimming with divine power, the Dwarakamai temple is well known for its huge processions, celebrations, prayers, and bhajans, etc… But more than that, the palpable presence of baba’s divinity itself is what that makes this temple special – with an idol Adorned in huge garlands and accompanied by his eternal flame.

Hey, interested, huh? Well, here’s a few Sai Baba original photos at Dwarka Mai that you, as a worshipper will love

Built over the Samadhi of Sai Baba in 1992, the temples get visited by over 60000 people every single day, with the count going up to 1 lakh on most weekends and 3+ lakhs on special days and puja/Bajan occasions.

If you love Sai Baba and is a true devotee of his holiness, a visit to the Dwarakamai temple should definitely be on your list.

But first, here are some of the rarest, most revered Shirdi Sai Baba original temple photos to better get your devotion fired

Shirdi Sai Baba Old Original Photos – A Legendary Life

An icon for religious unity, you have now seen baba in his various life stages, in many occasions. Now, the time has come to revel in his Darshan where he enthralls us with his old, wiser avatar.

In fact, modern Sai bakhts best know him in these avatars more, sitting calmly in his white/ivory adorned kafta on a simple pedestal, smiling purposefully with a very enigmatic expression dancing on his face.

Well, why are we explaining when you can see it for yourself?

Here we go;

As you can see from these Sai Baba Original Pictures; even in his twilight, baba was brimming with power and his love for devotees – the fact that you can feel even from these pictures itself. That said, there’s also one more picture you might be craving to see the most – yes, the Shirdi Sai Baba original samadhi photo.

Adorned in fresh flowers and with an idol of baba himself keeping watch, the legend may look like resting now. But hey, like his teaching & quotes, he is eternal, with his holy soul still here doing his godly bidding.

To call his name, to enjoy his blessings, you just need to pray “Jai Sai Ram,” and he’ll be there to fulfill all your wishes better

Sai Baba Original Photos – Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, we are glad to have this opportunity to present you with these Sai Baba original photos as it truly is a blissful thing to do. With the new decade rolling in, its important for people to remember & see Baba in his prime.

Considering these are all very old pictures, you may have some doubts about them. Well, we’re here to answer them all:

1) Why are these Sai Baba original photos so important?

As explained before, good cameras were really rare when Baba was alive and in his prime. And since they functioned on film – a very perishable medium -, it’s actually very, very hard to get Sai Baba pictures that are authentic.

For this generation, these pictures obviously offer a way for them to see Sai Baba for what and how he was when alive.

So yeah, as the blurry and low quality they are, these pictures of the great Sai Baba is extremely important, like very!

2) Who took the original photos of Sai Baba?

Over his lifetime, many have taken plenty of Sai Baba real pictures (fortunately!), but when it comes to his first recorded photograph, that claim goes to an unnamed British officer – and there’s a miraculous story behind it,

According to witnesses, when the officer clicked the pics without Baba’s notice and got them printed, the photos didn’t show Baba; instead, he saw Jesus Christ. Upon realizing that he, Baba is no ordinary man, the officer went back to Baba and apologized for taking his pictures without permission. Of course, Baba forgave him.

Later with his consent, the officer took many pictures of Sai Baba, with a few of them getting mighty popular around the globe.

3) Can I set them as my wallpaper?

Absolutely! After downloading these hi-res pictures, you can easily set them as your new wallpaper & take it wherever you go, what’s more! You can print them, frame them, and share it with your friends & spread the joy.

Once downloaded, you can use these images; however, you want. Just make sure to do so by keeping proper care & respect.

4) Can I get these Sai Baba real pictures in color?

Literally, every authentic picture of SaiBaba that still exists are in black & white thanks to the limited technology available at the time. However, with modern tech, you can find a lot of these SaiBaba pictures in color.

With expert colorists working pixel by pixel, these photos, even though doctored, is just as good as a real picture, only now in color.

5) Are there any young pictures of Sai Baba?

No, there is not. Unfortunately, the camera’s only become prevalent in India towards the latter years of lifetime; hence, there are no younger/childhood pictures of Sai Baba.

That said, many artists have tried to imagine Baba’s younger visage through their many artworks and concept portraits.

Sai Baba Original Photos – Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Considered many to be God himself, it’s very understandable why you want to enjoy his “Darshans” whenever you want. For one thing, it can bring peace to your mind. Secondly, having his presence with you can give extra confidence. And finally, it can also help keep baba’s love forever with you.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, here at, we thought so too.

Showering you every day with baba’s immense blessings, all these Sai Baba original photo HD downloads we’ve offered here are all high quality. You can print them, copy them and they will be as sharp as ever for all your praying needs.

In other words, it’s like having your own personal Sai darshan in your pockets

Yup, that’s what we, at, is offering you.

Get them today!

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