Shirdi Sai Baba Song By Ilayaraja

Shirdi Sai Baba Song By Ilayaraja – Baba Arti Songs That Every Devotee Should Hear 2020

They say music is the voice of God. Therefore, it only fits that Sai Baba should only be worshipped within the presence of it. To that end, we feel Sai Baba song by Ilayaraja is the perfect fit for it. A part of his famous “Baba Pugazh maalai” album, these songs are very popular in Tamil Nadu, often used for Baba “Arti’s” across the state.

Composed into two CD’s and 10 tracks, these songs speak about Baba’ greatness, quotes, his power, and his love for his devotees. And for “Arti” purposes, there is also a special 52-minute long Sai song with it.

In today’s chapter, let’s take a closer look at these melodious tunes, what they signify, and the story behind their creation, etc… 

Well, let’s begin;

Sai Baba Song By Ilayaraja – A Gift To God By A Legend

When it comes to music, it’s rare to find a more accomplished musician than Ilayaraja. Spanning his long & illustrious career, he wrote, composed &sang thousands of songs that have been enjoyed/revered by millions around the world. 

And of course, his latest masterpiece is the “Baba Pugazh Maalai – a song album that’s dedicated to the greatness of Baba.

I still remember the first time I heard this album. I was blown away by its tunes. The lyrics often spoke to me, kindling the love in my heart for Baba. Each song has its own meaning. And every beat exemplifies Baba’s love.

Sai Baba Ilayaraja Songs – Don’t Miss These Songs, Please!

One of the greatest things about music is that it literally has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the language or how to sing the tunes; you can enjoy music nonetheless. Baba’s teachings are like that. They transcend time & space. And with the Sai Bhajan Ilayaraja, you can now easily spread Baba’s greatness for the whole world to find.

Personally, I believe that if you are a Sai devotee, you MUST hear the Ilayaraja Sai Baba album as it’s nothing short of life-changing 

Here’s why so:

Sai Baba Ilayaraja Songs – The Ultimate Baba Devotional Album? Come, Let’s Find Out!

Composed by Ilayaraja with the lyrics penned masterfully by Vaali, the Baba Pugazh Maalai album has vocals from legendary singers like Bombay Jayasree, Rahul Nambiar, Ilayaraja, and Sriram Parthasarathi among others. Produced by Sony, the song was released in a grand function organized by all India Sai Samaj at Mylapore, Chennai.

Fresh – that was the first thought that came into my mind when I heard “Baba Pugazh Maalai” song collection first. In fact, even after hearing them for the millionth time, the tracks still bring tears to my eyes by its sheer goodness. I mean, you can feel Baba love wafting over you with every note and beats, calming my heart and spirit.

Sure, there may be thousands of Sai devotional songs out there. But Sai Baba song by Ilayaraja is in a league of its own. With each note, a soothing calm will wash over you, bringing happiness and peace to its listener (you!) 

Here’s a quick look at some of the greatest benefits I gained by lending my ears to the holy Shirdi Sai Baba songs by Ilayaraja;

  • As soon as I hear it, the song makes me instantly calm and harmonious 
  • My mind felt serene
  • The song reminded me again how beautiful the world is and how I have Baba to thank for it
  • The tunes made me feel as though Baba’s spirit is always with me 
  • It often helped us meditate and focus
  • The songs often helped me make right, timely decisions
  • I enjoy my life more now

Amazing right?! Well, these perks can all be yours too. Just listen to any Sai Baba Song by Ilayaraja& enjoy the moksha it brings.

Sai Baba Aarti By Ilayaraja – Baba’s Blessings Will Always Be With You!

Capturing and presenting Baba’s spirit in 11 different ways, each Sai Baba bhajan By Ilayaraja offers a unique perspective to Baba’s spirit, life, blessings, and his love for his devotees. In other words, each Sai Baba song by Ilayaraja can help you feel a lot closer to Baba, leading you to understand him, and his teachings far better.

Again, music has no boundaries. But since all the songs are in Tamil, we reckon it’ll be a problem for a lot of you non-Tamil speakers to understand the vast meanings of each song, which in turn can hamper your ability to enjoy them. 

Well, don’t worry. Anticipating this issue beforehand, we have below provided a one-line description of what each song mean;

#1 Aadhi Bhagavan

Comparing Baba to Aadhi Bhagavan (the first god) the song explains that we need to surrender to Sai blessings, how he is omnipresent, how he beats evil, and that you shouldn’t feel any fear as Baba is there to save as all.

#2 Shirdi Naadhanin

This song talks about the need for appealing to Baba’s mercy, and how doing so can make our lives better. Baba knows what is best for us. He will protect us, care for us – all you need to do is surrender 7 pray to him.

#3 Indha Kovil Mattum

This particular song explores what would’ve happened if Baba was not present in this world. It goes on to explain how fortunate we are to have him.

#4 Vinnaar Amudhey

Praising Baba’s divine powers, this song details how everything around us is in awe of Sai Baba and why we should trust his presence.

#5 Unnai Kettu paar

Baba is within us – this song talks about the importance of self-reflection, how one can find god in himself. The song further goes on to detail the perils of lying & how being true to oneself is the only way to attain peace.

#6 Sharanam Baava

A melodious tune that attempts to break down Baba’s love for us, this song unravels how surrendering to his holiness can help you find heaven on earth. It also speaks about the need for us to love other beings as well.

Featured in the movie “Sethu”, this song accompanies a key movement in the film where the beauty of the world is explored & explained.

#7 poovaram Sootti

In this song, the singer goes on a metaphorical journey to find the best ways to express his devotion and love to god, comparing prayers with flowers. He later goes on to explain that if done with conviction, how anything can be a prayer.

#8 Baba Sai Baba

Rendered by Ilayaraja himself, this song is a celebration of Sai Baba’s benevolent power and love – nothing more, nothing less.

#9 Sai Naatha

As the name suggests, this song details how Sai Baba is like a protector for everybody. He is like a parent to those without one. A savior for the masses, if you will. And of course, how he is omnipresent.

#10 Sai Shree Dwarakamayi

Sang by the legendary Bombay Jayasree, this song speaks about as the god himself, his greatness, his power, love, and how it can change the world. In a way, it’s a pure devotional song for Sai Baba, touching upon his deeds & teachings.

#11 Sai Shree Dwarakamayi (version 2)

An extended version of the last song, this track runs for 52 minutes and is geared mainly for “Arti” & Pooja purposes.

Sai Baba Bhajan By Ilayaraja – Here’s How You Can Listen To Them!

Produced by Sony, the complete range of Shirdi Sai Baba songs Ilayaraja is available on almost every streaming platform out there, like Spotify, Play Musk, Wynk, etc… In other words, you can now enjoy a Sai musical darshan whenever you want. 

To help make it easier, we’ve embedded links to all Shirdi Sai Baba songs by Ilayaraja courtesy of YouTube Below;

You loved it, right? We know! And hey, if you also want audio versions of these awesome “keerthanams”, below here we have links to high quality, top Sai Baba song by Ilayaraja MP3 files for you;

To download the song, just tap on the link, hit okay and that’s it! The song will instantly be downloaded to your device.

So simple, right?!

Shirdi Sai Baba Song By Ilayaraja – Frequently Asked Questions

Rendered with a keen eye on musical perfection, “Isaignani” Ilayaraja gave us a masterpiece with his “Baba Pugazh Maalai” album, celebrating the greatness of Sai Baba in all his glory with his compositions.

Still, here’s a quick FAQ session so you can better get to know what makes this album so special and amazing;

1) What makes Baba Pugazh Maalai different from the other Sai Baba song albums?

As explained before, this particular album in honor of Baba marked the truly legendary collaboration between the maestro Ilayaraja & revered lyricist Vaali. That in itself is very special. Pair that with a deep love for Baba, his blessings, and his monumental power, the album is really is a wonder to behold.

Making it even more special, all the tracks are sung imminent singers like Bombay Jayasree, Rahul Nambiar, etc.

I mean, need we go on how special it is….?

2) Can we use Shirdi Sai Baba song by Ilayaraja album for pooja purposes?

Yes, absolutely! Every single one of these songs is outstanding for enhancing your Sai Baba Poojas, be it for home or temples. In fact, the album even has an extended version of Sai Shree Dwarakamayi song just for pooja purposes.

3) Among the 11 tracks in the album, which is the best song?

Truth be told, we have no favorite when it comes to these Sai pugal songs, as every single track on it captures the essence of Baba’s spirit and amplifies it. Each song represents certain parts of SaiBaba’s immense power and love for his devotees. So if you want to enjoy this album fully, you’ve got to listen to every track.

That said, the 52-minute rendition of Sai Shree Dwarakamayi is the most popular of the lot, amassing high view counts on Youtube.

4) Where can I listen to these songs?

Well. Here itself! With the links posted above, you can easily download the entire “Sai Pugazh Maalai” album with just a click. It’s all presented in high quality, 320 kbps, ensuring a high definition audio experience.

If downloading isn’t your cup of tea, you can also stream it using the embedded YouTube videos presented above.

5) Do these songs also come in any other languages, say Hindi, English, etc…?]

Very sorry to disappoint you, but no (sadly!). At this moment, you can’t enjoy these amazing Sai Baba bhajans other than in Tamil. And before you ask, there are no plans currently to release these awesome songs in other tongues either.

Thankfully, I have prepared a short guide on what each song signifies in the above article so that you can still enjoy it nonetheless.

Sai Baba Song By Ilayaraja – Sai Ram Sai Shyam (Conclusion)

Sai Baba’s power and love are limitless. He is omnipotent, benevolent & of course, he is nothing short of a god in many aspects. For life & for peace, there is no doubt that nothing can bring more happiness to a Sai devotee than hearing the sweet melodious and spiritual tune of a Sai Baba song by Ilayaraja, especially for Tamilian Sai devotees.

From our experience, these songs can be life-changing. Many happy miracles happen to those who hear these songs every day. Perfect for Artis, Sai Baba Ilayaraja Songs are ideal for making your prayer times more fruitful, personal, and vibrant. 

Yup, almost as if you’re praying in a huge Sai Baba temple itself.

With the links provided above, you can now easily download these songs today and make them a great part of your life.

Trust us – these songs are the real deal! 

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