Shirdi Sai Baba Fasting Procedure

Shirdi Sai Baba Fasting Procedure For 9 Weeks Thursday – Should See the Miracles!

Ask any true Sai Baba devotee, and they’ll probably tell you that taking Sai Baba Thursday Fasting is one of the best ways to gain Baba’s divine blessings better. And of course, we definitely agree. The “SaiNav Guruvar Vrat,” as it is popularly referred to, is especially well known for its wish-granting powers. And for that same reason, we, here at Ask Sairam, have prepared a fully comprehensive step-by-step guide on Sai Baba Fasting Procedure, detailing how to engage in this “cleanse” & earn Baba’s love forever.

So what are we learning today? Well, with Sai Baba fasting procedure in English, you’ll learn about the Vrat method, the dos & don’t’s, the secrets & the facts behind what’s more! We’ve prepared a handy FAQ too over the common doubts and worries concerning this powerful baba “detox” procedure for you to follow.

Well, what are we still waiting for?

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Sai Baba Fasting Procedure – The Story Behind It

As a true Sai Baba devotee, you may have heard of this story before, but for the newer worshippers, this is the Sai Baba fasting story;

In a well-known city, once there was a husband & wife named Maheshbhai & kokila who loved each other with all their hearts. However, the former had a quarrelsome character, fighting with neighbors all the time. Soon enough, his business declined, and with it, they fell hard into poverty, which made his attitude even worse.

Thankfully, his loving wife, Kokila, was a god-fearing woman and had always prayed for his behaviors to change for the better. One day, an older man visited their home, asking for a bit of dal & rice as biksha. Sensing divine aura, Kokila quickly folded her arms and explained all about her miserable life to the visitor, asking for guidance.

Hearing the bad predicament, she is in, the visitor advised her to take a “vrat” for the next 9 Thursdays, eating only fruits and praying to Sai Baba. And if possible, also give food to the poor and hungry peoples.

Kokila followed the Shirdi Saibaba 9 Thursday fasting without fail, praying ardently every step of the way. Miraculously, Maheshbhai’s “persona” totally changed within just a few days after she completed the Sai Baba Fasting Procedure. He became more loving, happier, and the quarrels themselves stopped instantly too. What is more! Even businesses recovered too – something they all thought was an impossible thing to happen

Armed with profound faith in Baba, the power to make the impossible possible – that’s what this Sai Baba fasting day is offering for us,

Shirdi Sai Baba Fasting Procedure – What Is It All About?

Designed by Baba to bring the best out of people, the Sai Baba Fasting Procedure has a lot of notable dereferences from normal fasting methods. For once, it doesn’t require to be hungry nor ever entertain an empty stomach. Secondly, this vrat is designed not to test your endurance rather your love for Baba and its intensity.

Remember: Everyone is equal for Sai Baba. Therefore utilize this Saibaba fasting procedure to make your prayers reach him better – the more devoted you are with this vrat, the better the results.

Of course, like any fasting, there are rules to follow here with this Sai Baba fasting food requirements as well – we’ll explain it later. But overall, here’s the gist: the Sai Baba Fasting Procedure consecutively last 9 Thursdays. There are special pujas, you need to be worshipful, devoted, and your mind should be full of baba chants.

Put simply, if a devotee, places his/her faith in Shirdi Sai Baba’s feet and observe with full reverence this 9 day Shirdi Sai Baba fasting vrat, all their desires, and wishes will be fulfilled with Baba’s full blessings and care.

Amazing huh? – we thought so too

Sai Baba Thursday Fasting – Here’s How To Do It!

As a Sai bakht who has taken the Sai Baba fasting method Sai Baba Fasting Procedure multiple times, I can proudly say its an experience unlike any other. You start by visiting a near by Sai temple & asking for his permission to begin this journey. After that, pick a Thursday to get started. Waking up early and after taking a cleansing bath, prayerfully take a baba idol or picture and do an “Abhishekam” over it with a mixture of pure curd, milk & holy water. After doing the same, clean it with a bit of fresh water and wipe nicely with a soft, silk cloth.

Sai Baba Fasting Method – The Next Step!

After Baba’s presence is fully cleansed, spread a large yellow-colored cloth and place the idol or picture softly on it. After this, apply a bit of Tilak or sandalwood to his head. Make sure to chant his name along the way.

After adorning his depiction with a yellow garland, serve him with some prasadams like laddus, bananas, etc… all the while reading up Sai Baba vrat Katha near the lights of lit ghee lams and warm incense sticks. At last, wrap up with an Arti done in Baba’s honor and get the prasadams distributed to all.

Keep on doing this for the next 9 Thursdays. If possible, wear yellow colored clothes while doing this auspicious puja. At the same time, this isn’t required, you can do all these on an empty stomach too if desired. If a female is doing this Vrat, make sure to skip the Thursday during her menstrual period & continue onwards the next week

Sai Baba Thursday Fasting – The Concluding Steps

After completing the Sai Baba Fasting Procedure, on the final day, serve 11 people with food & donations as per your capacity. Besides that, also choose to spread the divine knowledge about Baba by distributing 7, 11, 21, or 108 books of Sai Baba across your neighborhood. This, my friend, concludes the fast.
Sai Baba fasting food – what to eat? (and what not to eat?)

In true Sai fashion, the vrat prohibits the use of seasonings, salt, and other taste-enhancing ingredients, including main courses. Instead, choose to survive only on fruits & veggies. Yup, you can also indulge in milk, tea, sweets, etc… but only for lunch or dinner. The morning poojas must be conducted in half a stomach, especially if you have health issues. That said, complete fasting too okay as far as the early hours are concerned.

At the end of the day, you’re in control. You can give up or consume whatever you wish for – Gujaratis usually only eat in the evening, that too with potatoes with salt & pepper. Whereas a lot of others indulge in dinners only, skipping breakfast/lunch or vice versa. In other words, the final choices are up to you – what you are comfy with & what you believe in.

Remember: Spirituality is a mental aspect. And the goal of the Sai Baba Fasting Procedure is to evaluate the pureness of your mind better & to allow you to get lost in Baba’s divine energy & overall blessings as you can.

In other words, it doesn’t really matter what you eat, rather what matters is how much you are ready for embracing Baba’s love.

Yup, don’t forget it!

Sai Baba Fasting Rules In English – Make Sure To Follow All These!

As amazing as this journey is, some strict rules need to be followed while engaging in the Sai Baba Fasting Procedure to enjoy its maximum benefits, especially if you’re a novice/new worshipper.

To help ensure max vrat potency, we have put together a shortlist of all the major rules to be followed while doing this procedure.

Here they are;

1) don’t forget: Baba never explicitly Said to carry a fast while doing the Shirdi Sai Baba fasting process. That my friend is your choice. In that regard, any man/boy woman/girl can easily perform this holy vrat.

2) It doesn’t matter what caste, creed, or religion you belong to; you can definitely engage in fasting for Saibaba procedure sans any restrictions.

3) No matter who you are, this Sai Baba vrat should only ever be started on Thursdays. And if started, must be continued to its completion without fail. Besides that, a visit to the Sai baba temple must also be conducted first.

4) If you miss any Thursdays (s), those days or days should be skipped fully, and the following Thursday can be considered as the next. This is especially true for ladies who may be going through their periods, as puja shouldn’t be conducted on those days.

5) As far as prasadam goes, Baba is known to love sugar, candy, diary & fruits. After the pujas, distribute the same.

6) Devotees can perform these poojas even when they are traveling. Just make sure to chant his name all day long consistently.

7) Make it a clear point to visit Sai temples on all 9 Thursdays that you do the Sai Baba Fasting Procedure. If no temples are nearby, the worshipping can also be done in the house if required – just be sure to be consistent.

8) always conclude each Sai Baba fasting day by doing arti and reading up his amazing story. Besides that, also make sure to remind him why you’re doing this Vrat and what you are hoping to gain better from it.

Fasting For Sai Baba Procedure – Frequently Asked Questions

Let us see the most frequently asked questions about the Sai Baba fasting procedure. We come up with most sai baba devotees doubt on their fasting procedure

1) Who can do this Sai Baba vrat?

Literally anyone! It doesn’t matter who you are or what caste, creed, or religion you belong to. If you wish to gain baba blessings, you can definitely engage in Shirdi Saibaba 9 Thursday, fasting sans restrictions of any kind.

That said, if you have any medical conditions, especially diabetes or low pressure, get your doctor’s consent first before doing so.

2) When can I start?

As long as it’s on a Thursday, it doesn’t matter the time you’re planning to get started on the procedure. That said, make sure to chant Baba’s name first & explain the reasons behind your “vrat” before starting it.

3) Can I eat salt during vrat?

Yes, you can have salt without any issue. In fact, the same goes for sweets, dairy, and other spices, too, except chili & sourness.

4) Okay, but how about non-veg foods?

Absolutely not! Even if you are a true bakht of Sai Baba, never ever consume non-veg foods when worshipping his holiness

Don’t do it!

5) Where can I buy the Sai Vrat Katha literature?

With millions of Sai Baba devotees around the world, you can now easily find Sai Vrata Katha literature from literally any bookshop in India, especially from those situated around a temple in his holiness like Shirdi, AnandaSai, etc…

In fact, you can also download them as ebooks through websites like Amazon, Barnes & nobles, and from many other Sai Baba related sites out there.

6) What are Baba’s favorite Prasadams?

It is common knowledge that Baba has always loved prasadams made from fresh fruits, sweets laddus, rasgulas, and even dry fruits, etc…

7) Can I read other Sai books too?

Yes, of course! If you don’t have Sai Vrat Katha, you can also definitely read Sai Chalisa or Sai Bavani if you have them lying around.

8) Is it really compulsory to visit Sai temples during fasting?

Though it is preferred, it isn’t in any way compulsory. As long as you have full faith in Baba’s blessings, you can even pray from home.

9) What should I do if I miss any Thursday’s pujas?

Hey, don’t worry. Even if you do miss a puja, you can definitely skip to the next week’s Thursdays (s) puja and continue then onwards, counting the latter as the missed one (s). that said, only ever choose to do so if unavoidable.

And before you ask, the same applies to women who have their periods also, as doing puja on those days is restricted.

10) I am not rich enough to feed the poor – what should I do?

While it’s unfortunate that you can’t feed the poor at this time, it’s actually fine as long as the reason is valid in a moral way. Remember, even if you can’t spend to feed them, there are other ways to help the needy expertly.

In other words, it’s the thought that counts – the sheer fact that you are even willing is more than enough to prove how good you are.

11) Is it a must to conclude the vrat on the 9th day itself?

Yes, of course, it is!

Sai Baba 9 weeks fasting in English– The Conclusion

Hey, now that you know all about Sai Baba 9 weeks fasting in English, its time to put all the knowledge to good use. In our opinion, this fasting is the best way to pray to Baba, as we are making ourselves vulnerable to his mighty power. It doesn’t matter whatever your problems are, be it related to family, health, education, marriage, etc… Baba can definitely help you find a way through all the misery & find you the light at last.

With all this said, it’s important to remember that Sai Baba isn’t an instant giver. In fact, you may have to even indulge in multiple Sai Baba Fasting Procedure to get better your wishes finally granted. Therefore, don’t ever lose hope, for Baba is always with you – pray every day, trust in his blessings, and you’ll be saved!

With that, the onus now falls to you. Utilize all the info we’ve provided above to fashion the best Sai Baba Thursday Fasting sessions possible. If you want even more info regarding all this, you can refer to Saibaba fasting quora answers & our experts for more. Throw us a top comment down below & well get back to you ASAP.

Well then, until next time

Jai Sai Ram

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